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Nelson Mandela, The Hero against the apartheid is dead.

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Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, the icon of freedom around the world, has passed this Thursday, December 5, 2013 in South Africa at the age of 95.
The South African President Jacob Zuma announced that death occurred at 8:50 (local time). The media in the United States was quick to broadcast this news to honor the life of Mandela, who became the first black president of South Africa after he had spent 27 years in prison for fighting apartheid, the political system domination, and segregation of the white minority in that country.
Haiti Connection Network takes pleasure in publishing the article below as a tribute to a man who now belongs to history, but will always remain a symbol of sacrifice, love, forgiveness for his country and the world.

A brief review of this man who has dedicated his life to the fight against the racist apartheid regime.

Kwame  N'Krunah
We are at the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. A revolutionary wind is blowing through Africa ... 1960's, the years of upheaval. Africa is in turmoil. The independence movement across the continent is growing day by day- particularly the countries of southern Africa, where apartheid reeks havoc, are in the state of heating up! For some time young black leaders are projected in front of the stage for the cause.
Patrice Lumumba
Among them, Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana ( independent in 1957 ) , Sekou Toure in Guinea ( independent in 1958 ) , the men of " African Consciousness " Group and ABAKO ( Association des Bakongo ). On one hand , South Africa is at the forefront , with Walter Sisulu , Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela and other Belgian colonies as well...

Sekou Toure
On 1958, the battle in Congo continues on relentlessly .The MNC ( Mouvement National Congolais ) are first to be lodged. It was Joseph Kasavubu and the famous Patrice Lumumba who were later joined by  Joseph Mobutu Sese Seko. They entered the battle behind Lumumba, with many rebellious others who challenged the Belgians who didn't intend to lose their power and especially their privileges and interests. The country has turned into a battleground where separatists face Belgian Conservatives and their henchmen . The battle was soon to unravel with Kantagais ( Moise Tshombe and Godefroid Mamongo ) . And as the famous historian  Frantz Fanon  quoted : "Africa has the shape of a gun and Congo is it's trigger ."
In South Africa , men of the ANC ( African National Congress ) lead the movement . Created in 1912 to combat apartheid ANC became stronger in the fight. Nelson Mandela is with them. He was active against racial segregation on all fronts . Just like Toussaint Louverture when he was at war with the French, Spain, and  England , he also tried to negotiate for the freedom of blacks.  Nelson Mandela , claimed the leadership role of the 91-93% of the blacks in South Africa that were exploited and humiliated by the minority 9-7% Belgians.
He lead the revolution as the head of the armed struggle after the ban movement in 1960 - now he works with white depending on the circumstances , always to defend blacks. But he is first an activist, arrested in 1962 and then released, he was arrested again and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. The ANC were intensified to fight with the arrest and conviction of Mandela, but from prison, he continued to lead the fight against the Afrikaners , with the ANC.
If South Africa withdrew from the Union of South Africa in 1961 and has been transformed by a referendum , an independent republic , it did not put an end to all apartheid.
Nelson Mandela Aka Madiba
We must remember that people of South Africa have always been combative people. Their ancestors are probably the only black people  most cited in the history textbooks of Africa , because of prejudice whites. But it wasn't to underestimate the warlike ardor of the Zulus because they imposed hard fighting to the British armed when they conquered South Africa. From Congo , Zulu established themselves in South Africa where they reigned as master Africa. These fighters were carried out at the height of their power, by a true military genius called Shaka Zulu. It is reported that he could bring up to one hundred thousand troops . With his martial ardor , he had established himself as a must and indomitable strength .
There is not doubt that Mandela is the Zulu race . He never let go even when he was dropped by supporters and even his wife. When , after 1966 , Balthazar Johannes Vorster and Peter  Botha continued the policy of apartheid , Nelson Mandela, who is still in contact with the ANC activists , gives instructions and communicate its new strategy for attacks in formal .
Winnie Mandela
In 1976 serious riots shake SOWETO will breed until 1986 when the anti-apartheid riots claimed many victims. The government then declared a state of emergency and the act unleashed violent repression , which is condemned by several countries around the world . 

In 1988, South Africa reached an agreement with Angola and Cuba resulting in a cease- fire in Namibia. In 1989 , Frederick De Klerk succeeds Peter Botha to lead the country . It is rather moderate . In 1990, it implements an open policy towards the black majority : It legalized apartheid organizations , he finally released (after 27 years ) Nelson Mandela, who is hailed as a national hero.
Peter Botha
Peter Botha then entered into direct negotiations with the ANC and abolished racial segregation in public places, total victory for freedom fighters, and equality . In 1991, the last three laws were abolished apartheid ...
Nelson Mandela , now in his release from prison Vice -President of the ANC, was elected President of the ANC (1991-1997) . He changes his strategy. After difficult negotiations in 1990 , an interim constitution was adopted in November 1993 under the joint leadership of Frederick De Klerk and Nelson Mandela.

December 10,1993: President F.De Klerk, (R) ans South
President Nelson Mandela pose with their medals Nobel
 peace price and diplomas in Oslo.                                         
The same year they receive a tie, the Nobel Peace Prize , to salute their courage and commitment to peace ...
In 1994, the first multiracial election is held after which Nelson Mandela was elected President of the Republic (1994-1999) and De Klerk chose as his vice president . A Government of National Unity is formed , which has enabled South Africa to regain its place in the concert of nations. Two years after a new constitution was passed (1996). So De Klerk and the National Party left the government ...
F. De Klerk
The democratization process began with De Klerk was deepened with Mandela's government and still continues its way in South Africa with successive governments . If the vision of Toussaint Louverture was to get black freedom , Nelson Mandela's vision was to desegregate and also lead his people to freedom and equality . Two men from Africa traversed by the same feelings and haunted by the same dream , a vision . Even if they have borrowed different paths : Toussaint, especially diplomacy - Mandela first armed struggle. But both knew the use of weapons. De Klerk asking to join his government, Mandela was revealed as a strategist and a great diplomat . 

Mandela even later converted supporter of the rugby team whites, " Springbok " which he wore the jersey On June 24,1995 during the final of the World Cup with New Zealand . He wanted to show blacks as whites that reconciliation is required. It was a master stroke , to everyone's surprise , an officer of consensus that has won the heart of the white minority while being adored by the black mass . So , whether the weapon of dialectics , strategy or diplomacy , whatever, the dialectic of arms, they were well armed .
Both , they conducted the same fight with the same weapons , to achieve the same goal. However, if Toussaint has been in prison , like Mandela , he has not had his chance to get out alive to finish his work. Fortunately, Dessalines , Christophe , Capois and the others were there to do it for him.

President Barack Obama and President Jacob Zuma
Today , South Africa has become a synthesis of world sharing. The nation becomes a link to the intelligentsia meeting , says the Cameroonian historian Achille Mbembe . "And South Africa is like a place or invents a future for the continent, a future" afropolitain . " All thanks to Nelson Mandela at the top of his 95 years, even if the country suffers , like Haiti, a failure of imagination.
Ultimately, Nelson Mandela  a global icon of racial reconciliation, the Madiba clan of the royal Thembus , the Xhosa tribe and Prime Africans – proved is the Toussaint Louverture in modern times. More reason to have a special thought for him in our prayers. May his soul rest in peace !

Article submitted by “ Le Novateur”  .

An adaptation of Hervé Gilbert  for Haiti Connection Network. This article may be reproduced but credit must be given in full as shown here.

English Translation : Haiti Connexion Network Team

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