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Review of 2013 and personalities of the year according to Haiti Connexion Network

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To continue the tradition that we’ve held at the end of every year, and in fact for the last eight years, where we review many personalities and events that were some highpoints on the media radar both nationally and internationally; Haïti Connexion Network  (HCN) would like to present a new review that is not completely exhaustive but on what has occurred up until now and is considered our opinion on the “Spotlights of 2013.” Although the year was stained, we saw bright colors as well as shadows that clouded the year.

Ex Pope Benedic during his retreat
from the Castel Gongolfo.

Remembering February 11, 2013. The Catholic world was awaken with a surprising news. Followed by, an unexpected declaration by Pope Benedic XVI  as he announced his renunciation  and resignation. A decision which was to take effect on February 28, 2013, where he’d be replaced by his successor Pope Francis on March 13, 2013.
Pope Francis
Although the resignation of Pope Benedic XVI was marred by controversy, the election and assumptions during the papacy of the man previously known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, we would say, came out like a letter in the mail. In fact, with a little more than 48 hours of deliberation and 4 or 5 votes, Jorje Mario Bergoglio was elected pope. On March 13, 2013, a thick black smoke , followed by white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel at 1900 hours. The white smoke was followed by the sound of a ringing bell a few seconds later, had everyone on their feet, as the 6 chiming bells rung from the Basilique. Cardinal Bergolio explained the reason he chose Francis as the name, to refer to Saint Francis of Assisi , the saint of the poor (Francis, the name for peace).
Pope Francis shocked reporters with
surprisingly candid comments about
gays and the church.                           
The catholic world, which at first was disillusioned by scandals involving the Vatican that was occurring as well as the sudden resignation of their Pope, was rejoicing that they’ve found closure. The reactions were not expected at the global level. “The first pope of the Americas.” the U.S. President Barack Obama sent warm wishes to the first pope of the Americas, Champion for the cause of the poor and the most vulnerable among us; he will continue to carry the message of love and compassion that has been the source of inspiration for the world for more than 2000 years," said the US president in a statement issued minutes after the announcement. In Brazil, a country that accounts for the most Catholics in the world, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference, Leonardo Ulrich, stated, “so much hope now that it is a Latin American” judging that the choice which fell upon Francis showed that "the Church was no longer oriented with only Europe”. (RFI). About 80 percent of people in the United States are in favor of the Papacy of Pope Francis; yet conservatives believe that he is too liberal, because of his position on homosexuality, when he said: If a person is gay and seeks the lord and is of good will.. who am I to judge them.
Nelson Mandela
In a world where tolerance is the cause of pain, division, mayhem, war and other unimaginable things, we believe Pope Francis is a universal balm who will soothe the hearts, help us to balance our sentiments and regain our confidence. We hope that the eyes watching around the world are of those who advocate intolerance, and ideologies that do not conform to peaceful coexistence. Beside Pope Francis, we have also chosen without hesitation Nelson Mandela as the second personality of the year 2013; although he has passed, he represented brilliancy ,and the global symbol of sacrifice, tolerance and love for his country and the world.
"Everything is good in life , even death. "said  Miguel de Cervantes. Just as death allowed us to discover the popularity of Mandela on a national level, the death of Judge Jean Serge Jean Joseph also exemplifies a man who wanted to practice his profession until the end; Unless all facts were presented in front of him,  Judge Joseph, would not stand for legal injustices. He has left us an example of uprightness and integrity. As evidence, multiple media headlines had mentioned his name during the summers of 2013; he deserves our attention and all members of the Haitian society who advocates for the establishment of the law in Haiti. So it is with humility and respect that we give him posthumously the title of Personality of the Year 2013 and to also extend our condolences to his family.
Jean-Paul Coutard
The Coutard Bus. Click to enlarge it
It would be difficult to omit this next person from the list of our personalities of the past year; the inventor of the Coutard bus, Jean Paul Coutard, who as it seems is the Henry Ford of Haiti. Henry Ford, was the American Industrialist of the first half of the twentieth century- founder of the Ford automobile. The Coutard bus runs between Port-au-Prince and St Louis du Nord. In result, the fruit of the fertile dream of a child from the Northern region of Haiti, who understood that he had to wake up and realize a dream with determination and without discouragement. So it is with pride that we also award him with the title of personality of the year 2013; This tremendous accomplishment will change the face of the taptap of Haiti.
The Haitian diaspora:  This diaspora, although are not seen well in the eyes of certain politicians and obscurantist of Haiti - They are once again the talk of 2013.  We’ve identified 5 figures in 2013 because of their talents and their courage. These names are listed below:
• Roman Dorlean alias Rumai , small merchant of " coconut lollipop "  in the streets of Dominican Republic became famous because of his spontaneous talent as a singer, dancer and composer.

Linda Dorcena-Forri
Linda Dorcena-Forri  - was elected Senator in the State of Massachaussets in June 2013; “My victory is for our children” declared Linda in Belvi Dorchester Center during an event organized by the community on the evening of May 28, 2013.
Dany Laferrière , became an immortal to the French Academy this December ; The group of Immortals have analyzed all different angles this December 2013.
Dany Laferrière
On top of their wisdom, they had chosen the best among the best : Our national Dany Laferrière as an Academician. Our collaborator Max Dorismond  and  Haiti Connexion Network  had guessed it. We were not mistaken, we anticipated him to be shining in the green gown and gold star.

We salute the election of Jocelyne Frédérique-Gauthier. She became a new member  of the municipality of Laval in October 2013. She became the first black to occupy the 21st chair of the second grand town in Quebec Montreal.

Lucie Tondreau
Lucie Tondreau ,  first Haitian-American woman to be elected mayor of North Miami in the United States in May 2013. Journalist in action, she voices her opinion on people with dual citizenship. Native Haitians have taken the reign in the North Miami Municipality, one of the most important Haitian communities in the state of Florida.
These Haitian diaspora have demonstrated talent in their respective fields , perseverance, initiative, a sense of belonging to the Haitian community as evidence by their biographical and cultural traits. They cultivate the word "homeland!” as it was Pope Francis, one of our personalities in 2013 ( see above) who wrote : "I like to talk about the country, no city or nation. The country is ultimately a geographical fact and the nation is a legal fact, it is constitutional. However, the country is what gives its identity. From a person who loves where she lives, we do not say it is a country person or city person, but a patriot. Country comes from the fathers, receiving the tradition of the fathers  pursues the progress made​​. The homeland is a legacy of the fathers in  which must be preserved. That is why those who speak of a detached home of his legacy, as well as those who want to reduce inheritance without allowing it to grow, are wrong. "

Therefore we believe these figures in the diaspora, mentioned above, represent their homeland while enjoying their personal success. They deserve, in our opinion, to be the personalities of 2013.

Are there others who deserve this title? Of course yes! Says Serge Pierre-Pierre of our own Haiti Connection Network.

Serge Pierre-Pierre
To Serge, with deep appreciation we not only award him the title of personality of 2013 for the forum, but as well as a Dean; Since the creation of Haïti Connexion forum eight years ago, included are all the other forums and networks that has followed us, not a day passes by where more than 100,000 readers visits the blogs from Serge. He always sends messages in all styles that reflect and illustrates two things: his love for Haiti and loyalty to members that he embraces' with the same love and the same loyalty.

"If [all] hearts were clear, the world would be clear." This is not the case unfortunately. This is why the year 2013 has seen aside from these bright spots mentioned above, shadowed spots that trouble our days, hours and minutes. Worldwide, these spots were numerous and sticky.

With regards to the Haitian people, we found two events that angered us and filled us with anxiety as well as sadness:

• The "Irresponsibility " of the UN in Feb 21, 2013 in the importation of Cholera in Haiti;

• The "denationalization" of more than 200,000 individuals of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic last September.

According to an article of' Edner Fils Décime [ AlterPresse ] "The victims of the cholera epidemic in 2013 was seen as a "disappointment " and "a nightmare," observing how the United Nations ( UN ) tends to disempower and scarce funds given in the fight against the suffering ... In addition, authorities in general formed an inertia towards the issue. To read the contents of this article, HCN cannot reach all those in Haiti and around the world who consider this disempowerment as a "deception of 2013." Therefore, more than 8 thousand deaths and thousands of victims, have resulted since the onset of the epidemic in October 2010.
It is the same for the denationalization of the Dominican Republic over 200,000 individuals: another stain in 2013 which may cause oil stains in the Haitian-Dominican relationship.

We hope Haiti Connection Network’s review meets the opinion of the majority of its readers. We are not claiming this as absolute but at the least, we at HCN declares all illustrations as just. We would like to take the opportunity from this presentation to inform you that Haiti Connection Network has been growing since 2006 with multimedia and mass communication. With the dynamic and visionary leadership of its CEO and Publisher / Editor in chief Dr. Carl Gilbert helped in this task by as well as assistant director, the engineer Herve Gilbert and other precious collaborators.. The network has several sites: the internet Radio , two TV channels on the Internet ( in French, Creole, and English channels) , which allows us to offer varied contents. Included is the Boutique Online Store, which is a book distribution center for Haitian authors, with pages in english or spanish. As well as other websites and/or blogs that aim toward the Caribbean community. We would also like to inform you that in February 2013, the photos and Carnival articles were the first to climb on Yahoo News search engines.

Here we are! Our network is all over the web, you can join us on Facebook , through our prolific page "Friends of the book" or via our wide Twitter site that is followed by almost all the world's media. We invite you to share your talents with the world, by sending us your videos, music, paints or texts etc...

Yet, it is still the same Haiti Connexion, that was born on June 8, 2006 with the same mission and the same déclaration of intent and who would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2014.

Until next time!

Translated from French into English: Fernande Gilbert
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