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Does Dany Laferrière has a chance at the French Academy ?

This causes goosebumps !!!
The Immortals have analyzed in all forms and attitudes this Thursday, 12 December 2013. On top of their wisdom , they had chosen the best among the best : Our national Dany Laferrière as Academician. Our collaborator Max Dorismond and  Haiti Connexion Network  had guessed it. We were not mistaken, we had seen him shining in the green gown and gold star. Review  the  premonitory article below :
By:Max Dorismond
An opportunity not to be missed 

Dany Laferriere
 I dreamed in color thinking shutting off my computer for a long time.

The risk of burnout is watching me. The warnings of friends and parents concern are pressing. They are not in the lace to invite me to a moderation, because it happen that I’m a lot busier during my retirement than before. Despite repeated calls and emails from my favorite readers, about my absence on the web, I had resisted the temptation to pick up the keyboard because I was burnt out . But, it is impossible to ignore these major events, even when we would be in agony. With the application of Dany Laferrière, Dany our national who is seeking the seat of the French Academy immortal, I cannot remain silent. This is the quadrature of the circle in the Haitian historicity. If Dany breaks the ice, our fellow could shout in chorus : France , O France ! Impossible he's not Haitian...

The situation
It is not a secret to the world, Haiti had produced demons in quantity, but it has also produced the angels and maybe some gods. Although we are still suffering the effects of mismanagement of these devils white collar who still haunted the island, we never lost hope in the intelligence and the ability of the son who shine in the spotlight of all nations in the world . Despite winds and tides, they pull their strings somehow their involuntary exile and bring honor to the host country who talk ostentatiously and admiration from time to time. Moreover, the Canadian chauvinism is clearly demonstrated in the announcement of the bid accepted and confirmed Dany  by the French Academy . It seemed that, for the people of eternal snow , the little guy from Petit Goave already crowd the red carpet, as the enthusiasm is high . However, competition is fierce and each country awaits its champion, but we keep our fingers crossed with some confidence .

The mission of the French Academy
Founded in 1635 under the reign of Louis XIII by Cardinal Richelieu , the Academy is an institution whose function is to standardize and improve the French language. It consists of forty members elected by their peers. The mission assigned to it from the beginning is to "improve the French language," to give it the rules, to make it pure and comprehensible by all. It is in this spirit start composing a dictionary , the first edition of the Dictionary of the French Academy was published in 1694 and the ninth is in progress. The French Academy brings together leading figures of cultural life : poets , novelists, theater people , critics, philosophers, historians and scientists have shown the French language and, by tradition , the senior military officers , men of State and religious leaders .

The candidates
What are the chances of Haiti 's most revered writer in the world to become immortal among immortals in the chair of the distinguished author of Argentine origin who died in 2012?From the outset that they are five competitors run the famous No. 2 seat of the Argentine writer recalled . These are : Dany Laferrière , Jean -Claude Perrier , Arthur Pauly , Catherine Clement and George Tayar .We are unable to predict at this time, both candidates appear as bright subjects also known around the world in their respective fields . Dany is in good place in this gathering as he is studied in dozens of universities around the world , even in Japan. His star is at its peak at the cultural level. This is reassuring for a literary , the mere fact of being nominated among the candidates for the location of this illustrious institution is all respects .

An unconsious collective dream
If we are to believe the enthusiasm of the French daily news "Le Figaro" , about Dany Laferrière : "This is an application of weight and a rare profile that comes to save the French Academy " Indeed, The Figaro . Perhaps the secret of the gods and knows whereof he speaks. The amazing thing is that one of the challengers, Jean -Claude Perrier, working within its walls as a literary representative. By practicing self-compensation , I can say that the BBC has reason to believe to Dany . One swallow does not make a summer , except that .... ! As an international reputation and visibility, and at all points of view, it is a popular media personality . Novelist, poet , writer and filmmaker , his literary prodigality and Afro- Caribbean origin the predestined as the Senegalese Leopold Sedar Senghor in the pantheon of glory. His writing , which favors an autobiographical style, makes an original element dedicated to describe the exotic island of rocks still the subconscious of the last adventurers in search of the lost paradise.Almost all the world's media talk about this Event Le Nouvel Observateur , the entire Canadian press, The Huffington Post, CTV News New York Times, etc. ....Le NouvellisteI invite those who are interested in the selection process of the Academy, to see by clicking on the attached link French Academy . The Entire process is detailed. It's worth it.

By:Max Dorismond

The Original French Version

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dominicans, do they enjoy our (Haitian) Palito de Coco at the expense of the author?

By Herve Gilbert 
Available in : French Version  and Spanish Version
Roman Dorléan aka Rumai
One of my Haitian friends living in Miami shared with me during a telephone conversation  her great concern about another violation of rights of one of our compatriots living in the Dominican Republic. This fellow is apparently facing what would qualify as an usurpation of his copyright about a song he composed and entitled Palito de Coco . Straight to the point , the friend told me the story of  Palito de coco (Coconut sticks), this song in the Dominican Republic who made ​​headlines and turned "contagious" in the Latin world, was a song composed by a young Haitian with a social status of living under poor conditions in Santo Domingo not long ago , and has been deprived of his musical work.
Without much time, we set out to find this information by analyzing some Spanish and Dominican media sources. So we actually spotted this young Haitian in Dominican Republic where he composed a song like mambo to attract people to his coconut sticks ( Palitos de coco) he sold on the streets. This song with its rhythm - the komba ( a Haitian mambo ) quickly achieved great success in the Dominican Republic, becoming a "hit" in a country where the Dominican media stations broadcasted the song, invented choreography , without the lead author 's acknowledgement , nor drew a dime of profit .
This peddler named Roman Dorléan, aged 32 with a nickname Rumai, was able to capture the attention of the Dominican public with this musical tune that runs through the country on the lips and thus became very popular. This young man of a modest social status, after paying about 70 euros to cross the border , became as Puss in Boots in Dominican Republic or the goose that lays golden eggs , his work undergoing tremendous spread to the point that it inspired other musical groups to interpret the tune.Meanwhile other individuals have reproduced his song's video distributed and posted on Youtube's social network without the acknowledgement of Dorléan that takes either no benefit from all the ads from Youtube.
The video of the song is already seen by over 750,000 viewers worldwide! These famous sticks or lollipops made from grated coconut also experienced a huge advertising and are widespread throughout the country.The mambo, thereafter, was plagiarized by a Dominican, Wilmer Manuel's musical group  who immediately featured it with a beautiful choreography derived from the composition of the newly born Haitian artist and new choreographic version which is played everywhere and has become a hit on TV . Other musical groups have stolen it by posting it on Youtube with other musical arrangements regardless of this small street seller's copyright.
The Palito coconut's song  has begun to spread beyond the Dominican border and has transformed into a dance while hundreds of people around the world beginning to take over .
Official version of Palito de coco
As a time when the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic has made all Haitians living in the Dominican Republic since 1929 as stateless , using a discriminatory law against them, which law also denies Dominican nationality to thousands of Haitians born in the Dominican land since 1929, now the Dominican citizens seeking to capture the musical work of an itinerant merchant Haitian to benefit it without even thinking about recognizing any copyrights and thus giving him the credit that he deserves. While Roman Dorléan became for hundreds of others a popular star.

Plagiarized  song played  by Wilmer Manuel’s Dominican musical band
 We take here the whistle to attract the attention of our President Michel Martelly to intervene in favor of this fellow, even if only to make available to the fellow citizen a Lawyer to stop this theft of musical and artistic production of which he is a victim . Haiti has the first time a musician president who earned money with music and also knows the importance of musical work . Music as well as sport and art are very profitable wherever you go, but it is also protected by international laws. Nowadays, we can not afford to steal or plagiarize the work and the belongings of someone without paying the consequences.We also invite the Ministry of Culture of our country to address this issue in order to help this fellow to come into full possession of his copyright.

By Herve Gilbert

Palito de coco mega hit of the moment in the Dominican Republic.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The sun was darkened with the death of Jean Michel Daudier

By: Herve and Carl Gilbert
Available in French Translation
Jean Michel Daudier
The news spread like a wildfire earlier this week. Jean Michel Daudier, artist well known and loved in Haiti and in the Diaspora died of a heart attack Monday, October 14, 2013. He was 56.
Jean Michel Daudier with his clear voice in the song " Lem pa wè soley la " who had sung the toll of the Duvalier dictatorship, and had stimulated and mobilized thousands of Haitians  everywhere during the revolution of February 7, 1986 , is gone ...
Indeed, this is the song " Lem pa wè soley la" which made ​​him famous.  Jean Michel had composed this theme music following the reopening of Radio Soleil,( the voice of the Catholic Church in Haiti ), which had been shut down arbitrarily by that regime attempting to reduce the national press in silence. Radio Metropole, one of the most listened stations during that period broadcasted only foreign news since the destruction of Radio Haiti Inter and the expulsion of several journalists in the broadcast media on November 28, 1980 by the regime of Duvalier. Radio Caraïbes, Radio Cacique and Radio Antilles had been gagged, their journalists were forced into hiding .
Lèm pa Wè Soley la (When I don't see the Sun)
So, Radio Soleil was the only conduit for the news in Haiti that the government of  Jean- Claude Duvalier was trying to stifle because of the growing  of  protest movements and uprising that was taken place continuously in the country .

Lem pa wè soley “the jingle for Radio Soleil also became the generic intro for the announcement of the news, was also taken on everyone's lips at the time and later became a recurring theme ... Who does not remember this spot announcement  of  the Radio Soleil’s news ? Yet the composer of this simple and powerful message remained unknown until the departure of the dictator, February 7, 1986 .
In the euphoria of the moment, everyone came to recognize and applaud Jean Michel Daudier outside the studio of Radio Soleil, when the station was publicly revealed his name as the composer of this transcendent music that awakened consciences in a dark time of our history where many young people have lost their lives. The jubilant crowd jumped to his feet and joined him in a mighty chorus of more than ten thousand voices ...
Jean Michel Daudier was a multi-talented artist, he played acoustic guitar as well as the synthesis and piano. He has released two albums titled ( Soley and the Diaspora ) and played every where in  the United States in solo or with his musical group. The last time we saw him performing on stage was last year at Casa Champet in Miramar Florida . He has participated in several cultural festivities here in Central Florida. Jean- Michel was everyone’s friend, with his songs he touched all hearts. "Love has no boundaries ,"  one of the title that he was working on as he announced it himself on his Facebook page on October 6. He was a member of Haiti Connection Forum, a friend of the team of Haiti Connection Network  and he sent us from time to time its inspiring messages that accosted us for a better Haiti. This artist multilingual used to perform  in French , English, Spanish, Creole and Portuguese.

Jean Michel will be missed greatly ! To his parents, relatives, friends and admirers , we offer our sincere condolences. Our deepest sympathy to his mom Mrs. Rose Latour Louis, his daughter Leila Daudier, Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Lagroue, Myrlene Daudier Lagroue respectively brother in law and sister of Jean –Michel, his sister Sabrina Daudier Florent and her husband Yvan Florent , his sister Yolène Luc and family and his brothers Kenol Daudier, Carlo Placide and Jan Mapou.

Jean Michel, you were dreaming to see a bright sun regenerated in Haiti  throughout  your song " When is the next sun ." However, the sun was darkened and the clouds veiled you suddenly ... But the sunshine, I am sure, will shine again throughout your songs . Peace to your soul !

By : Herve Gilbert and Carl Gilbert 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edith FIAF , the icon of the song, did it comes to your mind ?

by Herve Gilbert
  French Version
Edith Piaf
This 10th of October 2013 brings the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Édith Piaf ! At the fiftieth anniversary of her disappearance, Haïti-Connexion-Culture is proud to pay tribute to the star of the French song, best known Francophone artist worldwide. Fifty years after her death, Edith Piaf remains the symbol of the French song. She was a little lady in size but a great lady by her talent and she will always be eternal!
Edith Piaf, whose real name was Edith Giovanna Gassion , was born December 19, 1915 in Paris, died October 10, 1963 in Grasse, from internal bleeding at the age of 47 years. French singer of music hall and variety , fifty years after her death , she’s the most famous French interpreter , both in France and abroad.

The realistic song of Edith Piaf in 1950-60 is the heyday of French cultural influence abroad. She was the first French singer to conquer America. Known worldwide for " La vie en rose " Edith Piaf captivated the public throughout the world . By her voice, but also her intensity increased by a minimum of resources deployed on stage: a simple gesture for each song, a little black dress and a round light . Eternal shopgirl, the artist spent her short life to sing of love and to live as a true man-eater and not always kind to women.

Known for her debut " La Mome Piaf ", she’s the source of many successes that will become classics in her repertoire, like La Vie en rose ; Non, je ne regrette rien ; Hymne à l'amour ; Mon légionnaire ; La Foule ; Milord ; Mon Dieu ou encore L'Accordéoniste.

The voice of Edith Piaf crossed all boundaries of the world where many of hers songs have been performed in the four corners of the world. In Haiti , since my childhood , I often heard my father at home humming the tunes of Piaf in the shower. I shuddered when I heard Edith Piaf on a vinyl record 78 rpm for the first time. As you may know, Haiti is a French-speaking country where the best stars of the French song were well known and broadcasted on radio stations . During the heyday of the French song in Haiti’s time, the songs of Edith Piaf were hummed on the lips of old and were taken up by several musical groups in Haiti.
One of her famous songs "La vie en rose"

Edith Piaf was surrounded by good composers and lyricists who made remarkably unforgettable pieces of music. Her songs were also interpreted and inserted into potpouris boleros by Haitian musicians or singers with more or less success. Proof that the famous Edith Piaf was not limited only in Europe.

In this fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf, HCC honors the memory of this great star of the romantic song with our childhood in the past. 

Briefly said, Edith Piaf lived a controversial life. The artist lived in conflict with the moral values of Catholicism, because of her divorce and her sex life " tumultuous " according to the Catholic Church at the time who refused to grant her a religious funeral. L'Osservatore Romano , the Vatican newspaper , wrote after her death she lived in a "state of public sin " and was an " idol of prefabricated happiness ." However , the chaplain of the theater and music , the father Thouvenin Villaret , personally gave her a final blessing at her funeral. Indeed, a huge crowd of tens of thousands of fans gave her a last tribute throughout the route of the procession through Paris , boulevard Lannes to the cimetery of Père-Lachaise , where she was buried .

Grave of Edith Piaf

Among her lovers include Paul Mérisse Eddy Constantine , Yves Montand , Louis Dupont and her great love was the boxer Marcel Cerdan , a handsome man , a champion of Franco-Moroccan world , married and father of three children who died tragically in plane in 1949, when he was coming to New York to join her . For him, she wrote some time ago the prescient " Hymne à l'amour " (" If one day life tears me you ..." ) . She did not recover from this loss , guilt for having to bring his boxer lover in Paris on the fateful day . This is the only man I ever loved, she said. Even during Marcel Cerdan Lifetime, Edith Piaf maintained romantic relationships alternating links and breaks with the singer Jean- Louis Jaubert and actor John Garfield ..
Edith Piaf sprayed " all records of seduction, passion, suffering, madness , provocations , drifts " with the song " Hymn to Love " writes Robert Belleret in his recent biography " Piaf, a French myth " . It is reported that she had also courted Georges Moustaki and Charles Aznavour with whom she sang a duet song " Bluer than your eyes ."
Theo Sarapo singing a duet with E. Piaf in 1962

Théo Sarapo, the late husband of Edith Piaf , was the second and last husband of Edith Piaf. He was 26 when he married Piaf who was 46, a year before the death of the latter. He sang in duet with her in 1962 a song later a  hit entitled  À quoi ça sert l'amour (What's the point of love). 28 August 1970 , Theo dies at age 34 , he succumbed from his injuries after his car had hit a plane at high speed to the approximate height of the Chateau de la Rue in France . He was buried  at Père -Lachaise cimetary alongside Edith Piaf.
This   French song  diva continues until today to charm Haitian souls often where our artists like featuring  her works in their repertoire. Obviously, by comparison, contemporary composers do not have and will never have the wit to write lyrics to the size of the works of Edith Piaf . Currently , the songs worked well and pleasing to the ear are rare and this may be the reason for reversal of his former success of yesteryear . For over 20 years , "La vie en rose" still ranks among the 10 French songs that generate the most copyright internationally . With "La mer" by Charles Trenet, Comme d’habitude "As usual " by Claude François and Feuilles mortes" Dead Leaves" by Yves Montand , the most famous Piaf as part of the very exclusive club of songs become standards in the world whole .
Plus bleu que tes yeux  (Charles Aznavour & Edith Piaf)
           MDW-AZNAVOUR PIAF-Plus bleu que tes yeux by les_pp
On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death ( already , as time flies! ), Whether we like her or not, this singer and actress  cannot leave anyone indifferent ... Fifty years after her death , her songs are still as more wonderful and mythical .

By: Herve Gilbert