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The fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edith FIAF , the icon of the song, did it comes to your mind ?

by Herve Gilbert
  French Version
Edith Piaf
This 10th of October 2013 brings the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Édith Piaf ! At the fiftieth anniversary of her disappearance, Haïti-Connexion-Culture is proud to pay tribute to the star of the French song, best known Francophone artist worldwide. Fifty years after her death, Edith Piaf remains the symbol of the French song. She was a little lady in size but a great lady by her talent and she will always be eternal!
Edith Piaf, whose real name was Edith Giovanna Gassion , was born December 19, 1915 in Paris, died October 10, 1963 in Grasse, from internal bleeding at the age of 47 years. French singer of music hall and variety , fifty years after her death , she’s the most famous French interpreter , both in France and abroad.

The realistic song of Edith Piaf in 1950-60 is the heyday of French cultural influence abroad. She was the first French singer to conquer America. Known worldwide for " La vie en rose " Edith Piaf captivated the public throughout the world . By her voice, but also her intensity increased by a minimum of resources deployed on stage: a simple gesture for each song, a little black dress and a round light . Eternal shopgirl, the artist spent her short life to sing of love and to live as a true man-eater and not always kind to women.

Known for her debut " La Mome Piaf ", she’s the source of many successes that will become classics in her repertoire, like La Vie en rose ; Non, je ne regrette rien ; Hymne à l'amour ; Mon légionnaire ; La Foule ; Milord ; Mon Dieu ou encore L'Accordéoniste.

The voice of Edith Piaf crossed all boundaries of the world where many of hers songs have been performed in the four corners of the world. In Haiti , since my childhood , I often heard my father at home humming the tunes of Piaf in the shower. I shuddered when I heard Edith Piaf on a vinyl record 78 rpm for the first time. As you may know, Haiti is a French-speaking country where the best stars of the French song were well known and broadcasted on radio stations . During the heyday of the French song in Haiti’s time, the songs of Edith Piaf were hummed on the lips of old and were taken up by several musical groups in Haiti.
One of her famous songs "La vie en rose"

Edith Piaf was surrounded by good composers and lyricists who made remarkably unforgettable pieces of music. Her songs were also interpreted and inserted into potpouris boleros by Haitian musicians or singers with more or less success. Proof that the famous Edith Piaf was not limited only in Europe.

In this fiftieth anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf, HCC honors the memory of this great star of the romantic song with our childhood in the past. 

Briefly said, Edith Piaf lived a controversial life. The artist lived in conflict with the moral values of Catholicism, because of her divorce and her sex life " tumultuous " according to the Catholic Church at the time who refused to grant her a religious funeral. L'Osservatore Romano , the Vatican newspaper , wrote after her death she lived in a "state of public sin " and was an " idol of prefabricated happiness ." However , the chaplain of the theater and music , the father Thouvenin Villaret , personally gave her a final blessing at her funeral. Indeed, a huge crowd of tens of thousands of fans gave her a last tribute throughout the route of the procession through Paris , boulevard Lannes to the cimetery of Père-Lachaise , where she was buried .

Grave of Edith Piaf

Among her lovers include Paul Mérisse Eddy Constantine , Yves Montand , Louis Dupont and her great love was the boxer Marcel Cerdan , a handsome man , a champion of Franco-Moroccan world , married and father of three children who died tragically in plane in 1949, when he was coming to New York to join her . For him, she wrote some time ago the prescient " Hymne à l'amour " (" If one day life tears me you ..." ) . She did not recover from this loss , guilt for having to bring his boxer lover in Paris on the fateful day . This is the only man I ever loved, she said. Even during Marcel Cerdan Lifetime, Edith Piaf maintained romantic relationships alternating links and breaks with the singer Jean- Louis Jaubert and actor John Garfield ..
Edith Piaf sprayed " all records of seduction, passion, suffering, madness , provocations , drifts " with the song " Hymn to Love " writes Robert Belleret in his recent biography " Piaf, a French myth " . It is reported that she had also courted Georges Moustaki and Charles Aznavour with whom she sang a duet song " Bluer than your eyes ."
Theo Sarapo singing a duet with E. Piaf in 1962

Théo Sarapo, the late husband of Edith Piaf , was the second and last husband of Edith Piaf. He was 26 when he married Piaf who was 46, a year before the death of the latter. He sang in duet with her in 1962 a song later a  hit entitled  À quoi ça sert l'amour (What's the point of love). 28 August 1970 , Theo dies at age 34 , he succumbed from his injuries after his car had hit a plane at high speed to the approximate height of the Chateau de la Rue in France . He was buried  at Père -Lachaise cimetary alongside Edith Piaf.
This   French song  diva continues until today to charm Haitian souls often where our artists like featuring  her works in their repertoire. Obviously, by comparison, contemporary composers do not have and will never have the wit to write lyrics to the size of the works of Edith Piaf . Currently , the songs worked well and pleasing to the ear are rare and this may be the reason for reversal of his former success of yesteryear . For over 20 years , "La vie en rose" still ranks among the 10 French songs that generate the most copyright internationally . With "La mer" by Charles Trenet, Comme d’habitude "As usual " by Claude François and Feuilles mortes" Dead Leaves" by Yves Montand , the most famous Piaf as part of the very exclusive club of songs become standards in the world whole .
Plus bleu que tes yeux  (Charles Aznavour & Edith Piaf)
           MDW-AZNAVOUR PIAF-Plus bleu que tes yeux by les_pp
On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death ( already , as time flies! ), Whether we like her or not, this singer and actress  cannot leave anyone indifferent ... Fifty years after her death , her songs are still as more wonderful and mythical .

By: Herve Gilbert
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