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Spotlight on Miragoâne !

Miragoâne ! I remember...
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Dr Adly Thebaud, Rahoul Dupervil, Dr.
Jean-Marie Breton ( Gauche vers droite)
The diaspora community native of Miragoâne, third port city of Haiti, located in the department of Nippes and the chief town of the district of Miragoâne offered a large agape in honor of this piece of land of Haiti, on Saturday, June 21, 2014 at the Drs Adly and Josette Thebaud residence at Heathrow Lake Mary, Florida. On the eve of the celebration  of Saint John the Baptist, the patron of the city Miragoâne, this gathering brought many miragoânais and miragoânaises from across the Haitian diaspora.

Bruny and Paule Compas 
The party began at 8 pm with words of welcome from the hosts Adly and Josette Thebaud, the engineer Bruny Compas and Max Jacques, the master of ceremony (MC). Following the invitation and encouragement of Bruny Compas, many participants traveled from Canada, Connecticut, North Carolina, New York and Haiti to participate in this joyous gathering which also represented a great opportunity to reunite in the sumptious residence of doctor Thébaud, who also originates from Miragoâne. This event was also made possible by Bruny Compas, who is well known as a unifying center of Florida, and also a founding member of HASO (Haitian American Society of Orlando). 

The Thebaud's family 
The party held at the magnificent residence of the Thébaud’s made ​a great impression in this gated community of Lake Mary surrounded by magnolias and tennis court. Therefore, it was an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment,  between friends and comrades scattered ove fourty and fifhty years, as pointed out by one of the guest speakers of the evening, Rahoul Dupervil.
The hearts and minds of this Haitian community nostalgic of their piece of land ignited throughout the evening.

Everything was on the edge of the pool area  well decored in this circumstance where a sumptuous banquet dishes were well chosen in honor of the guests in search of elegance and refinement. The Miragoânaises, elegant in their dress "bustier" fitting, flared, low-cut or backless blade were lovely, the miragoânais meanwhile were "sharp" in their fine suits and they danced happily with their ladies who seemed to be having ants in their legs in addition with the DJ Harry Duval, who’s retro tunes filled the ballroom and very much inviting everyone to dance. A true atmosphere of reunion and good vibes throughout the evening!
Stretching in length, the host of the party, Dr. Thébaud has then highlighted the main goal of this worldly activity; he took the opportunity to highlight the projects initiated by some citizens of the community Miragoâne. Photos and videos presented by Dr Ralph Gousse were reviving the memories of school, football and youth etc ...
Rahoul Dupervil has promised to make the grandest festival next year promising to bring more people from Miragoâne.

Informed observers could detect from the atmosphere a certain willingness among this diaspora community to unite their efforts to renovate their hometown. The celebration continued Sunday, June 22 with a barbecue (grill) at Bruny Compas’s House. 

These festivities was another proof of the love that the diaspora generally feeds in his heart for Haiti, a love scarcely recognized by some politicians who therefore do everything to exclude or discourage the diaspora with their retrograde actions or the actions taken step menus (lip service). A diaspora that yet thinks only to assist every corner  as Miragoâne Haiti.

Haiti Connection Network was represented by the young Hervey Gilbert Jr who did a great photojournalism in which we invite you to watch by clicking here...

By Herve Gilbert

Some segments of the atmosphere of the evening in Video

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