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Does Dany Laferrière has a chance at the French Academy ?

This causes goosebumps !!!
The Immortals have analyzed in all forms and attitudes this Thursday, 12 December 2013. On top of their wisdom , they had chosen the best among the best : Our national Dany Laferrière as Academician. Our collaborator Max Dorismond and  Haiti Connexion Network  had guessed it. We were not mistaken, we had seen him shining in the green gown and gold star. Review  the  premonitory article below :
By:Max Dorismond
An opportunity not to be missed 

Dany Laferriere
 I dreamed in color thinking shutting off my computer for a long time.

The risk of burnout is watching me. The warnings of friends and parents concern are pressing. They are not in the lace to invite me to a moderation, because it happen that I’m a lot busier during my retirement than before. Despite repeated calls and emails from my favorite readers, about my absence on the web, I had resisted the temptation to pick up the keyboard because I was burnt out . But, it is impossible to ignore these major events, even when we would be in agony. With the application of Dany Laferrière, Dany our national who is seeking the seat of the French Academy immortal, I cannot remain silent. This is the quadrature of the circle in the Haitian historicity. If Dany breaks the ice, our fellow could shout in chorus : France , O France ! Impossible he's not Haitian...

The situation
It is not a secret to the world, Haiti had produced demons in quantity, but it has also produced the angels and maybe some gods. Although we are still suffering the effects of mismanagement of these devils white collar who still haunted the island, we never lost hope in the intelligence and the ability of the son who shine in the spotlight of all nations in the world . Despite winds and tides, they pull their strings somehow their involuntary exile and bring honor to the host country who talk ostentatiously and admiration from time to time. Moreover, the Canadian chauvinism is clearly demonstrated in the announcement of the bid accepted and confirmed Dany  by the French Academy . It seemed that, for the people of eternal snow , the little guy from Petit Goave already crowd the red carpet, as the enthusiasm is high . However, competition is fierce and each country awaits its champion, but we keep our fingers crossed with some confidence .

The mission of the French Academy
Founded in 1635 under the reign of Louis XIII by Cardinal Richelieu , the Academy is an institution whose function is to standardize and improve the French language. It consists of forty members elected by their peers. The mission assigned to it from the beginning is to "improve the French language," to give it the rules, to make it pure and comprehensible by all. It is in this spirit start composing a dictionary , the first edition of the Dictionary of the French Academy was published in 1694 and the ninth is in progress. The French Academy brings together leading figures of cultural life : poets , novelists, theater people , critics, philosophers, historians and scientists have shown the French language and, by tradition , the senior military officers , men of State and religious leaders .

The candidates
What are the chances of Haiti 's most revered writer in the world to become immortal among immortals in the chair of the distinguished author of Argentine origin who died in 2012?From the outset that they are five competitors run the famous No. 2 seat of the Argentine writer recalled . These are : Dany Laferrière , Jean -Claude Perrier , Arthur Pauly , Catherine Clement and George Tayar .We are unable to predict at this time, both candidates appear as bright subjects also known around the world in their respective fields . Dany is in good place in this gathering as he is studied in dozens of universities around the world , even in Japan. His star is at its peak at the cultural level. This is reassuring for a literary , the mere fact of being nominated among the candidates for the location of this illustrious institution is all respects .

An unconsious collective dream
If we are to believe the enthusiasm of the French daily news "Le Figaro" , about Dany Laferrière : "This is an application of weight and a rare profile that comes to save the French Academy " Indeed, The Figaro . Perhaps the secret of the gods and knows whereof he speaks. The amazing thing is that one of the challengers, Jean -Claude Perrier, working within its walls as a literary representative. By practicing self-compensation , I can say that the BBC has reason to believe to Dany . One swallow does not make a summer , except that .... ! As an international reputation and visibility, and at all points of view, it is a popular media personality . Novelist, poet , writer and filmmaker , his literary prodigality and Afro- Caribbean origin the predestined as the Senegalese Leopold Sedar Senghor in the pantheon of glory. His writing , which favors an autobiographical style, makes an original element dedicated to describe the exotic island of rocks still the subconscious of the last adventurers in search of the lost paradise.Almost all the world's media talk about this Event Le Nouvel Observateur , the entire Canadian press, The Huffington Post, CTV News New York Times, etc. ....Le NouvellisteI invite those who are interested in the selection process of the Academy, to see by clicking on the attached link French Academy . The Entire process is detailed. It's worth it.

By:Max Dorismond

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