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Tony Moise, a piece of Haitian music is gone ...

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By: Herve Gilbert
Tony Moise
The news of the death of Tony Moise felt like a cold shower last week. Indeed, this great star who contributed to the empowerment of the Haitian musical universe succumbed following a cardiovascular complication in a hospital in New York Friday, August 30th, 2013 . He was 72 years old when he passed .
Anthony Moise, or Tony for short, was a band leader as well as Shleu Shleu 's first saxophonist- one of the first mini- Haitian Jazz groups. This young group was formed on December 25, 1965 by a group of students of Bas Peu de Chose in Port -au- Prince , Haiti.
In 1965 among a variety of groups with different tempos : compas direct, cadence rampa , ambatonèl , ballad, traditionèl, raboday, yanvalou, Ibo etc. ... that characterized the era, a group of young musicians decided to create another Haitian musical style . With Hugues " Dada " Djakaman a Syrian native as a Manager and impressario, this musical group and a simple rhythmic style took less than five years to bring a new inspiration that will soon debunk the prestige of the old tenors bands in the music industry of that time .
These young musicians originated from two different musical groups: "Manfoubins of Bas Peu de Chose" and Lorenceau's brothers, are those who gave birth later to Shleu-Shleu and they remained officially the first mini- Haitian Jazz .

As a reminder for the history, the "Manfoubins" group were originally composed of brothers Jean and Fred Jean- Baptiste, Serge Rosenthal, Leon Millien, Edouard " Doudou " Crêvecoeur , Charles Peddy, who later merged with Saint Clovis Louis, Hans " Gwo Bebe " Milot Toussaint and Tony Moise from "Brothers Lorenceau" group.

While playing with the Manfoubins, Tony Moise appeared initially as guitarist, maintaining the same position before in other bands. But he had later become the saxophonist of the group after developing his skill of this instrument which he had previously brought as infancy. Therefore, it was the beginning of a great and rich musical career, later renamed under the name of Shleu-Shleu by the impresario Dada Djakaman.

Nemours Jean King Baptiste, the creator of the Compas direct was the first at Cabane Choucoune where Shleu-Shleu played for the first time, naming them as a " mini Jazz", because this group had a limited number of musicians and during that time the musical bands or Jazz had at least fifteen musicians.
The Shleu-Shleu indeed were equipped only with an alto saxophonist , two guitarists, a bass guitarist , a drummer, a bongo and tam tam player as basic instrumentalist.
It must also be said that the term "mini" * reflected also a reference to the mode of "mini - skirt ( mini-jupe ) at the time, Haiti imported it into the second half of the 60s under the leadership of north American stylist Mary Quint, who spread her famous inventions " miniskirt " (mini-jupe), compared to the "Maxi " (long dress gala ).
Let's revive one of Shleu-Shleu's hit in video
These new conquerors playing a cool and catchy dance music, that quickly conquered the Youths then not recognized themselves in the music of the big bands of the era, such as the Jazz des jeunes, the compas of Nemours Jean- Baptiste, the cadence rampa of Webert Sicot , to name a few... And for five years they will hold high the pavement, burning two great albums with hit songs such as Ti Carme, Dans la vie,, Alfredo , Haiti my country , knit , my doll , Haiti land of sun , Devinez etc ... These tubes heralded the rise of a new generation and a new musical era.  Meanwhile, other bands of the same style and same formula had arose in the country. 
So, we, old or young generation , near or far, have seen Tony evolve and conquer with the Shleu Shleu the heart of Haitian youth , all social classes mixed. This music generation is also ours because it had also rocked our adolescence.
Who did not fall in love during one day, one night, by dancing to the songs of, Ti- Cam, Solange at Boutilliers or elsewhere or by listening to the languid notes of the saxophonist Tony Moise?
How many of us have not met their first loves, first kisses exchanged, lived an idyllic and unforgettable moment with a melody of Shleu-Shleu in Cabane Choucoune, Ibo- Lele, Villa Creole, or during one of those party nights at the Rond-Point Night Club, at the "Cité de l’Exposition" in the Bicentenaire mall.

Serge Rosenthal

Music lovers would remember for a long time this singer, troubadour, this very skilled saxophonist and composer of charm ...
Serge Rosenthal , guitarist of the band revealed to the media: " Tony was a very skilled saxophonist, a distinguished talent. He is noted for his melodies and compositions. He and I made a beautiful pipe. How can we forget the last time we played together ? That was in 2009 in Haiti and Miami ... "
"The disappearance of the singer, guitarist, saxophonist and composer of the remarkable talent, surprises us and tears the heart of Haiti Connection Network. This maestro, who for many years suffered from heart problems, continued despite all through the social networks by reviving us of the delight of his beautiful compositions of the original Shleu-Shleu very well maintained by his dexterity on the saxophone. He posted on Youtube several videos recorded during his party night dances here in the United States or either in studios. We followed him regularly and savored with delight his legendary compositions.
Tony's departure will leave without no doubt, a gaping void in the Haitian music Industry. This is a piece of Haitian music of the 1960/1970 that's gone with him. He is also a musician with his peers of Shleu-Shleu, one of the mordernizers of Compas Direct . They are definitely the pioneers of another musical trend in the 60's decade in Haiti .
Tony Moise , you left us , but your music will survive for generations to come, because good music, they say rightly, is timeless.

by: Herve Gilbert

Let's listening to a nice collection of folk songs arranged and interpreted by Tony Moise

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