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Erick Charles, a great loss to the Haitian music!

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By Herve Gilbert for HCN
Erick Charles
It is with great sadness that we learned  the news of the death of Erick Charles last Thursday,  following a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), according to what was reported. The news quickly went viral on Facebook and has thus spread like wildfire early in the morning. We did not want to believe from the first moments since the rumors  about the death of X or Y lately are frequent on the web, which often to be proven false later.

Finally, after confirmation we had to go to the evidence of this unexpected death that somehow had the effect of a bomb. Frankly, we did not expect a sudden death of this young artist so talented and promising. Someone we saw performing on stage not too long ago.

It was a drop of bitterness over the chalice, I would say ...

Unfortunately! Life is full of surprises, the years go by and then suddenly it is the death of someone we love...

The health status of Erick became from serious to critical condition after he experienced severe discomfort the day before his death, according to his brother Jean-Robert, which was a little devastated as  he reported it to the microphone of a reporter from the RC. He passed away last Thursday at the Bernard Mevs Hospital  on the airport road, following a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), confirmed the brother in a sobbing voice ...

Erick Charles, father of four daughters, composer, guitarist, singer of the Group Compas Mizik Mizik for more than 20 years, died at the age of 51.

Let's talk a little bit  about Erik Charles
Erick Charles Year (2000)
I remember having discovered this young  clear voice  in the DP Express album (DP Tounen) in 1991, a record in which he had shown a great vocal potential as lead singer of the musical group. Unfortunately this disc would also be the last of this group disintegrated thereafter.

It is, in fact, that through the group Mizik Mizik he would act out as a singer with a great talent, both vocally and artistically. Indeed, through the song "Blakawout" hit of 2000  which everyone was humming on the lips and loved, a song that he described a little bit the socio-political situation of the time. Banm Fè nwa mwen, Banm Blakawout mwen, Se la poum jete  Bilten mwen ... musical theme that also conveyed a leitmotif.
Let’s listen to this music "Blakawout" with Erick and Mizik Mizik
Since then, within this group and for over twenty years, this exceptional voice of Erick Charles that reminds us a little bit of  "Ti Manno",  has continued to excel throughout other musical hits such as "Ayizan", "Webert", "Plante", "Je vais " etc. Then,  he represented an expression of the voice of the forefront that touches and amuses and had became also one of the superstars of the new generation through his diverse compositions that appealed, charmed, finally he also marked  the great days of Mizik Mizik.
Haiti Twoubadou (Click to enlarge)
However, it should be noted also that this musical  band composed by Fabrice Rouzier, Keke Bélizaire and the late Charles Érick revitalized the "Twoubadou"  style, one of our folk styles ... Through their disk "Haiti Twoubadou" they were therefore somehow  the innovators of this musical style reserved only to the outskirts festival or party. They made everyone better appreciated this style, which has been imitated for some times by other musical groups.

Certainly, the rumor of his death had  previously rocked the Haitian community following his hospitalization in 2013 after he suffered from low blood sugars and heart complications including viral cardiomyopathy. Recently, his younger brother was murdered near his home in the neighborhood of Nazon in Port-au-Prince, which could have  a negative impact on his health status, according to some people. 

Erick Charles was also considered as a true humanist in the social environment; he created his own foundation to help the poor.

It is a great loss for the Mizik Mizik group and  the Haitian music industry. The team of Haiti Connexion Network send out his words of sympathy to relatives and friends of this great Haitian artists.

May his soul rest in peace !

Hervé Gilbert for HCN

Some pictures of Erick Charles Funeral at St. Peter's Church of Petionville (Haiti)
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