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The International has created a monster in Haiti

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Several experts on Haiti agree that the international community is largely responsible for what is happening now in Haiti, although the Haitians also bear some responsability in the crisis.

This crisis began when the  Foreign Minister or the Secretary of State  of the United States  then Hillary Clinton, asked and even ordered the Provisional Electoral Council or CEP to change the results of the 2010 elections. Her action, " helped by some street protesters ", propulsed  Michel Martelly to power. The losing candidate Jude Celestin has  swallowed his anger for 5 years and has remained silent while his political opponent Michel Martelly went on to rule the country under the watchful eyes of the international community.

Reports through  the grapevine said  Mrs. Clinton, while passing orders to the CEP, had also threatened the  former President Rene Preval of sending him into exile if he did not take steps to also change the results, she believed, were fraudulent. But we all knew that Préval has never thought to go into exile, since he does not like it. Who loves exile? So she knew which button to push to get result; she knew how to push someone to cry Uncle (or Aunt) this Madame , the Baroness. We were in October 2010?

So we believe this pressure from Clinton  prompted Haitian politicians, wounded in their dignity, to propably swear not to get caught  in the same situation a second time in 2016. Sweet revenge, with good reason! Thus, the fact remains that the interference of Hillary Clinton in Haiti's elections is the real cause that brought about the genesis of the monster that now roars through the streets, roads and trails  of Haiti.

Louis Opont
Président of CEP
Remaining as an embryonic creature during the controversial administration of Michel Martelly inducted May 14, 2011, the monster grew up and suddenly emerged out of the womb of that CEP (Photo: Louis Opont, president of the CEP,) which believed he could cheat the Haitian electorate once more.

Why  Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Kenneth Merten and even Obama have not learned from their famous compatriot President Abraham Lincoln:

"You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time."?

Painting symbolizing the war of Haitian independence
They did  think they  could fool the people of Haiti in less than 5 years with fake elections. A people that had overcome the experience and the ability of Europe's largest army of the colonial era, in this case Bonaparte's army, to gain its freedom and independence!

As suggested by an expert on Haiti, they do not take the time to understand the Haitian realities  they always scan through their racist and distorting prism, based on one of stereotypes repeated a thousand times : the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Another said: the international community behaves like an elephant in a china shop. A truly exotic image,original, it seems, because there is no elephants in Haiti!

In other words, they do not take the time to become "haïtologists," we would say.

Protest against the recent elections.
This monstrous fury that now rumbles through Haiti, removing sleep to the faithful., killing the innocent, causing pain to the righteous,  and this angry storm that is blowing away everything in its path in Haiti, are largely the result of the foreign policy  of the international community vis-à vis Haiti, a policy designed by the Core Group that wants to deny to the utmost even the smallest piece of self-determination to Haiti.
This time the Haitian people have spoken: it does not want fake election or selection.
You said that the electoral process is the democratic way, perhaps; but not a process  the guidelines of which are already concocted or pulled out of the drawer of some bureaucrat living in Washington, New York, Paris, Madrid, etc., like,  ironically enough,  those ballots that are printed in Dubai ...

Haiti is willing to get rid of this monster "dropped" on its shore like the cholera. As a nation, it wants and needs to do it  itself, but not when the "laboratories" of each of the Core Group countries already ire using  chapters of their Cookbook to destabilize the Haitian nation to fit the interests of their countries of origin.

Painting symbolising David vs Goliath 
Is it not strange, wonders another expert on Haiti, that a Guy Philippe, who has to answer for his alleged crimes before an American court is now talking of launching an armed struggle in Haiti ? If it  has been any other member of the Haitian opposition, who is currently protesting the "electoral masquerade", the Core Group embassies in Haiti would already start  shouting loudly that so and so of the Haitian opposition is now advocating violence in Haiti. A violence that is however unacceptable for the good people of Haiti.

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