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Personalities and a review of the Year 2014, from the perspective of Haiti Connexion Network

It has been nine years since Haïti Connexion Network (HCN) launched the initiative -- which was quickly imitated by other Haitian Mediums -- to highlight  the personalities that were significant throughout the year for their actions, either from their bevavior or their statements that made an impact on a great number, and so in a positive way. Shortly after this initiative, we wanted to point out the individuals or events, that raised our disaproval, that provoked our resentment even our anger.

We come once again with our choices of the year. A choice that represents a formal (annual) editorial  of our positions on those events that, like it or not, shaped our lives.

President Barack Obama
Jules Romains  tells us that "elite minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, mediocre minds discuss people," we can not ignore  by  recognizing, however, that the causes of most events across the world, in Haïti and in the Diaspora is no where else than in the human heart, human thought, human responsibility."
Also in reviewing the days and times of the year ending, HCN takes pleasure in recognizing U.S. President Barack Obama as the man who scored at the global level in 2014.

His political opponents, in this case the Republicans, having searched in vain to reduce his influence by their real or ulterior obstructionism. Obama saw his ratings decrease and increase up to 48% while his 'resilience', patience and "cool" over the events took precedence, despite the crushing defeat of his party in the parliamentary elections in November. (Whether at the national or international level, Obama has managed to surpass his political opponents to reduce, to individuals that only complain (whiners) and maliciously broadcast false propaganda on the semi-official media of conservatives (Fox News).

In our opinion, Obama made an impact in everything related to the average citizen. The economy and unemployment have improved during the last six years of his presidency; The price of gasoline has fallen recently to its lowest; there are some 6 million illegal immigrants whose fate will be improved with his "executive orders" and despite the somewhat veiled threats he has received from Republicans about any punishment (even impeachment), there was an opening made in the country of Cuba, which has a large majority of Cuban-Americans; there are other known or hitherto unknown achievements known to the public that ultimately proves that this man was not really born of the last rain as they say Obama's accomplishments:

It is not without reason that the latest Gallup poll shows that Obama is, with Hillary Clinton and before Pope Francis, the individual most admired in the US for 2014 and HCN "seconds" that motion (or choice) with pleasure.

Six Haitian-Americans have won seats in the  
midterm elections in which Republicans    
 regained control of the US Congress.              
Other personalities deserve favorable recognition in the Haitian diaspora; the diaspora that gradually climbed the ladder of success, victory and acceptance in all areas in a foreign land. For the year 2014, it is in politics that it has shone. 

Six Haitian-Americans have won seats in the midterm elections in which Republicans regained control of the US Congress. North Miami voters chose Dr. Joseph Smith to complete the term of Mayor Lucie Tondreau. The Haitian-American Joseph Smith was declared the winner over former
Mayor Kevin Burns, whereas in Utah, the Haitian-American Mia Love, of the Republican Party became the first black in his state in the United States Congress.

Michaëlle Jean 
A Haitian-Canadian that we could not review without mentioning is Haiti's former Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean. As the secretary general of the International Organization of the Francophonie beginning January 1, 2015, Ms. Jean, 57, will be the "keystone of the institutional framework of the Francophonie," for a period of 4 years, an entity that has about 274 million French speakers across five continents. her impact will undoubtedly be great just as she says will be "listening to young people and women. »
We must salute and compliment her for reaching this level during her remarkable career.

Haiti Connexion Network gives a tip of the hat to those people who, indeed, represent our country, our beloved Haiti, on American soil or worldwide. Certainly there are others who deserve the same respect and the same admiration, either in France or in Canada, Latin America or the Dominican Republic, and also in other areas. The connection is not yet complete, HCN apologizes for any omissions and promises to make their names known regularly in the Haitian public.

The cardinal of Haïti,  Chibly Langlois
Despite internal turmoil, Haïti enjoyed some proud moments, for example when Bishop Chibly Langlois became the first Haitian Cardinal in the Consistory of the Vatican; where an important official delegation including the head of the Haitian State Michel Martelly, the President of the Senate Simon Desras, the authorities of the Catholic Church, politicians, relatives and friends of the new cardinal attended this inauguration which took place on Saturday February 22, 2014 at the Vatican. History was made. After about 150 years of the presence of the Catholic Church in Haïti. The appointment of the Eminence Chibly Langlois made Haitians proud everywhere, and this pride was also celebrated in the Haitian diaspora.

The new cardinal was a balm for Haitian wounded hearts, four years later, following the earthquake of January 12, 2010. We pay tribute and chose him without hesitation as a Haitian personality that marked 2014 .

Another personality that for sure deserves to be on this list is the resigned Minister of Tourism Stéphanie Villedrouin.
Stéphanie Villedrouin
Villedrouin, did everything as it seems, to give a new face to Haïti as a tourist destination. She multiplied, urbi and orbi, both structurally and publicly, to achieve this goal. In various approaches, however, she faced major challenges such as the proposed development for Ile â-Vache, but we can say in general that Villedrouin had tangible success from this ministry. Unfortunately, the upheavals occuring within the internal politics -- that could have been avoided-- stopped her impulsion within the government Martelly-Lamothe, she exceeded more than expected due to her vision and leadership. Kudos to Stephanie Villedrouin!

It is our tradition to choose from the Haïti Connexion Forum, a personality that made an impact from their messages, texts and interventions during the year 2014.

Hughes St-Ford
This year, our selection focused on the writer Hughes St-Ford. St-Ford, is a writer gifted with an extraordinary talent: that of writing. He is also a critic in refined literary. Hugues Saint-Fort studied modern literature and language studies at the University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle and Paris René Descartes-Sorbonne where he obtained a PhD in Linguistics. He taught linguistics and/or French in L’ile Maurice, then at Queens College, the City College of New York, and Kingsborough Community College. He contributed to the most recent book written about Haitian Creole by writing a chapter entitled "Creole-English Code-Switching in New York City" in the bestseller book "The Haitian Creole Language. History, Structure, Use, and Education,” coordinated by Arthur K. Spears and Carole Berotte Joseph, New York: Lexington Books, (2010) (Source: Tout Haïti)

So it is our privilege to have him as a member of the Haïti Connexion Forum, to which he brings his knowledge for the benefit of all members. It is a pleasure to name him as the personality of the Haiti Connexion Forum for the year 2014.

 These tragedies provoked multiples manifestations across
 the United States.                       
During the last half of 2014, in the Diaspora, the tragic incidents related to Michael Brown, Eric Garner et Tamir Rice and 12 year old Tamir Rice, can not leave us indifferent. This, as we recall, was the sickening acts of police brutality that shook the American society. The scene of the arrest of Garner was filmed by a witness on the streets which then massively circulated the Internet. These tragedies lead to/provoked manifestations across the United States.

Hopefully reforms will take place within the police forces in the United States, so that we no longer have to shout the slogan repeated thousands of  times during many events taken place across the country: << "Black Lives Matter">> (Black Life is [also] important).

We take this opportunity to wish you all Super-Connected to Haïti Connexion Network, all the best for 2015. And Happy Independence Day to our dear Haïti!

Translated by Herve  Gilbert via french version written by Carl Gilbert 

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