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Ginou Oriol, One of the Best Haitian Woman Jazz Vocalist on the Scene.

Podcast: Herve Gilbert
September 28, 2006

Ginou " One of Today's Best Haitian Woman  Jazz Vocalist on the Scene ! 

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GINOU " A multi-talented Vocalist performer "


The sound of the cosmos lives in the vocal styling of Ginou lovely and talented American of Haitian descent. This very gifted individual simply parts her lips and the musical eloquence flows out effortlessly. She has been described as a true gem in the genre of Ella, Sarah and Martha. She is certainly making her mark in the music industry.

Ginou, born in Chicago ,grew up in the northern part of Haiti and Port-au-Prince .The rich hypnotic Haitian folkloric music and the sounds of Voodoo drums influenced her creatively. It became her first musical love. Returning to the United States, the family settled in los Angeles. She studied opera and discovered her love for jazz and gospel. Her unique musical heritage makes Ginou one of the best young jazz artists on the scene.

                                                                                                                                                                     Beethova, Ginou, Réginald

          Bethova,Ginou & Reginald


A multi-talented performer,Ginou's latest CD entitled Under a Spell was recorded at Kannabe Cultural Hall, Japan. The CD features Ginou, lead vocalist, pianist Eddy Prophete and bassist Tatsuhiko Kimura. She sings in Creole and French as well as English. A memorable singer, Ginou takes you to a place where you want to go, where you don't realize you're there until your ears hear colors and your eyes see the rainbow.

In addition, Ginou has performed at the following venues: The Fontainebleau Hilton, Miami Beach; Miami's M Ensemble Theatre Company; New Jersey Performing Arts Center; Broward Performing Arts Center; Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.;Performing Arts Center, Maryland; South Florida's Canada Fest and for the Miami Heat basketball team where she sang the National Anthem. Her international tours include Japan and the Caribbean.

Jazz music lovers can get a taste of Ginou by picking up a copy of her latest CD,Under A Spell. A light and luscious mix of Jazz classics such as Loverman, Summer time, My Funny Valentine and The Boy from Ipanema meet the tropical traditional Haitian sounds of Kouzen, Yoyo and Danmbala. Wheter it's live and in person or recorded, Ginou leaves a lasting sensory impression.

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